Monday, December 29

Style Crush: 10 Times Olivia Palermo Slayed the Fashion World

Hello hello everyone and let me begin this post with a brief history lesson. I began watching The Hills with Lauren Conrad & co. about 5 years ago and was especially captivated by Whitney Port's fashion-driven career, alas leading to me watching The City, a spinoff of The Hills. I quickly grew an adoration for a catty, blunt, PR gal for Diane von Furstenberg, and an absolute obsession with her wardrobe. Fast forward 5 years and here I am still drooling over her chic ensembles as I scroll through Pinterest. Here are my top 10 Olivia PalerMOMENTS from city chic to fabulous frills.


In this photo Olivia is sporting a beautiful structured peacoat paired with some floral skinny jeans. She really balances proportion with the bigger coat and fitted jeans, making her look very slim. She ties it together with a red handbag, picking up tones from the pants, and some chic snakeskin stilettos.


Here we see Olivia in classic, yet feminine business chic. As I aspire to be a successful business woman, this is something I can see my future self in. This look has the opportunity to look manly, but Olivia makes it girly with the frilly white blouse and oversized rings, giving a very French feel. To add the finishing touch, she adds some tortoise, cat-eye shades (LOVE!).


Whenever I think of Olivia, this is the exact kind of outfit that comes to mind. Oversized. Leather. Fur. Chic. Again, Olivia plays with proportion with her huge fur vest by balancing it with leather pants. For the ultimate diva touches, she pulls her hair into a bun and carries a huge handbag.


Here Olivia looks so chic in this vibrant green coat! It is so structured and has beautiful detailing with zippers and buttons. I imagine she is wearing some kind of short that we cannot see, but nonetheless her legs look awesome and long, especially because of her nude, strappy heel.


This white dress is totally something I would wear. Give me a bow dress and I'll give you some big hair and let's call it a day! I love how clean Olivia looks here especially with her hair out of her face and her neutral flats. She stays minimal on the accessories so we can focus on the intricacy of the dress, which we most definitely do.


Olivia looks super glam in this striped top paired with a dark, solid skirt and a tan, long coat. What really makes this outfit special is the statement necklace bringing sparkle and purpose to otherwise ordinary pieces. Olivia also breaks many fashion "rules" by mixing navy and black (shoes) and different metals with her gold bracelet and metallic detail on her bag, but manages to effortlessly pull it off (I mean we're already on #5 what did you expect?).


Olivia looks super cute in this beige frilly frock! I love the feminine details and the southern feel this New Yorker portrays in this look.


Olivia meets Audrey Hepburn in an all black ensemble! She looks great with the high neckline, long sleeves, and more modest skirt length (modest is hottest). She really gives a classic feel and looks like she's about to rule the world.


I am obsessing over the Sex and the City SJP feel of this look! Who would've thought to put such a textured, fun dress over a simple white oxford? Genius. She is pulling another Carrie Bradshaw move with the buttoned up oxford paired with a statement necklace.


The look we have all been waiting for! Olivia Palermo's BEST style moment goes to this pink lace dress! I am in love with not only the dress, but the look as a whole. From the white belt to the pearls to the tortoise glasses to the hairstyle, Olivia presents herself in a girly, polished way. The dress is extremely flattering and accentuates her in all the right ways.

I hope you enjoyed the top 10 moments of New York's trendiest socialite and are inspired by her use of accessorizing and mix of unconventional pieces! Or if you're like me, you loathe your closet now and wonder why you weren't born a Palermo. As Olivia would say to Vogue Italia, ciao!
Yours truly, Sara

Friday, December 26

I'm Dreaming of a Black and White Christmas

Hello readers! My sincerest holiday wishes to you and your family! Let me just start out by saying how difficult it is to be a teen blogging sensation when your mother is struggling to take pictures on your iPhone. Sigh. Besides the fact, here is my outfit of the night for this Christmas Eve consisting of family, dinner, church and Christmas lights!

I opted for this black and white number from Francesca's - I love the classic Kate Spade feel with the A-line structure, but it also takes a modern twist with the geometric white shapes. I paired this dress with some leopard pumps from Target for a fun pattern. In the words of Jenna Lyons, "as far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." The beauty of living in Texas is that even in December, I can get away with not wearing tights due to the higher temperatures. Although for the times I was outside, I paired this ensemble with a classic black coat and a chunky black scarf.

To accessorize, I sported some Kendra Scott lookalike earrings I found on Etsy! How real do those look?! No festive look would be complete without red lips! I shined my lips with a Stila lip glaze and called it a night!

I hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas and be on the lookout for a NYE post coming soon!
Yours truly, Sara

Thursday, December 18

5 Products for Surving Finals Week

Ever so stressful finals week is upon us and beauty takes a backseat to last-minute cramming, late night studying, and one too many cups of coffee. I have composed 5 essential beauty products to keep yourself chic while remaining studios during this hectic time These vital products allow you to be pretty while still being witty!

1) Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes During finals week, my achilles heel is falling asleep without taking my makeup off. Just "resting my eyes" turns into a 5 hour slumber real quick. Having makeup wipes on hand prevents this from happening because they are easily used and accessible. I have tried pretty much every single brand of facial wipes, but continue repurchasing these because of the fresh feeling, the lack of burning my eyes, and the lack of oily residue left on my face after use.

2) MAC Studio Finish Concealer Let's face it, you're not getting much sleep this week and the bags under your eyes aren't exactly designer. This concealer does a great job of covering up under-eye circles and will last all through the school day. It also easily blends into your skin due to the creamy consistency.

3) Creaseless Hair Ties During finals week, you're allowed to ponytail your hair every day, free of judgement. I understand. We all understand. These cute hair ties allow you to throw your hair into a low pony or even a french braid to get your hair out of your face and allow you to focus on the task at hand (getting an A)!

4) Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Fig Obviously this week you will be wearing minimal makeup, but to look more put together, you can pair a darker lip with simple eye makeup and rosy cheeks to create the illusion that you put more effort into your makeup than you actually did (genius, right?). The darker lip is the finishing touch and is also a great choice for the winter months. I bought a smaller size of this lipstick on Black Friday at Sephora and I love it! For school, I usually slap on a layer of chapstick and then this lipstick over it so it's not too harsh and dark, but I can also use it for a night out by skipping the chapstick and packing more product on for a more concentrated, darker lip. This lipstick is a great buy, but you can also go for an alternative berry or wine color instead!

5) Freeman Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask The best way to relax after studying is to pamper yourself with a face mask! This is one of my favorite things to to if I need a quick pick me up or if I'm having a Saturday night in with the girls! Not only does this mask clear and soften your skin, you get to feel like a princess for 10-15 minutes.

Best of luck to you during finals week! When in doubt, choose C.
Yours truly, Sara

Tuesday, December 16

Welcome to Sweetheart in Seersucker!

Hello readers! My name is Sara Kopenec and I am a seventeen-year-old southern belle who is a connoisseur of polkadots, pretty skirts, painted nails, and poise. I live in Dallas, Texas and plan on attending college in Fall of 2016. I am a varsity cheerleader at my high school and I also stay very busy with community service, UIL academics, church, AP classes, and maintaining a social life. I hope you enjoy my personal style: a mix of classic elements with a spice of southern sass and class. I will also be constructing beauty and lifestyle posts, and you can follow my journey as a young woman following her dreams and having fun!
Yours truly, Sara