Saturday, January 3

Cheers to the New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I hope each of you had a safe and celebratory NYE! Oh the possibility that 2015 brings each and every one of us! I am very excited for what this new year has in store for me: applying to college, turning 18, traveling, senior year, another summer of lifeguarding, Taylor Swift concert, and countless more things to anticipate! I am also excited to really throw myself into this blog and have a tangible representation of my life through words and pictures; I hope you stick along for the ride. To be honest, I was planning on having a super fierce NYE post for you all with a picture of me slaying downtown Dallas in my sequin miniskirt, but being seventeen and slightly unfabulous, plans fell through. Not all of us can be thirty and flirty and thriving (2004 reference anyone?). To kick off my new year, I spent it snuggling in bed (and avoiding the drunk drivers) reading a new novel I received for Christmas titled "The Opposite of Loneliness" which is slightly ironic because I was very much lonely besides the occasional appearance of my dog. On the more exciting contrary, I thought I wouldn't leave y'all hanging so here is an outfit I was considering wearing the night of December 31st, not downtown appropriate in my opinion, but maybe for something a little more casual like hanging out with some friends.

Here I would've been sporting a navy sweater from Target embellished with a cream J. Crew necklace (shout out to Cranny). The big New Years statement is in the sequin skirt - from Forever 21 which, fun fact, I've owned since the 7th grade. Gosh I was such a trendy tween. I would've paired this ensemble with some some patterned black tights and perhaps some L.L. Bean Boots (if I actually owned them...I am waitlisted and do not want to talk about it) or maybe my new red Hunter rainboots, since the Dallas area has been experiencing some rain this past week. Heels weren't really an option here because I wanted to keep it more casual since I would've just been hanging out with friends.

A note of reflection:
On a more personal note, I am really expecting a lot out of 2015. 2014 is the year I got a sense of who I am. I got rid of the toxic people and boys and circumstances in my life and cleared my plate besides what truly makes me happy. The beginning was tough, I'm not going to lie, but sitting here, a more profound and confident young woman, I am able to reflect on the past and feel at peace with myself for what and whom I have left behind. Around summertime is when 2014 really turned around for me. I began lifeguarding at a local waterpark and met so many new types of people and even my best friend (and even a slight crush I can just look back and laugh at now, let's leave it at that). My horizons were really widened beyond my high school bubble and I found pure joy in breakroom laughter and working hard with genuine people. This being my first job, I thrived being able to take my personal abilities and bring them to a place where I could succeed as an individual, and I discovered a lot about myself through this aspect. I am ecstatic for this coming summer. Junior year rolled around and there is definitely truth behind the saying "your junior year is your toughest", but I am genuinely the happiest I have ever been. While taking 6 AP classes, I have found hilarious library moments with fellow scholarly students that keep me going. I feel a sense of togetherness with my peers that is quite exquisite. I also began my first football season as a varsity cheerleader which I have been waiting for since I was a freshman. I take pride in knowing my hard work has brought me to this spot. Lastly, I started my own community service organization in 2014 called "Cuticle Cuties" where teen girls visit a nursing home on Saturday mornings and give manicures for the residents. My grandmother passed away in March of this past year, living in a nursing home in Chicago. Her favorite part of living there was the beauty shop where she adored being primped with perms and manicures, so I began this organization in her honor with roughly 50 members. Below you can view the t-shirts I designed and really enjoyed making. I really hope to grow and expand this organization in 2015.

Resolutions Aspirations:
I am usually one to set resolutions for the new year, but every year it's the same, mundane "lose weight, get better grades, get more sleep etc." leaving me feeling unaccomplished and frustrated. So this year, I am deciding to set some aspirations, bringing a more positive connotation in which you can view below.

Explore new friendships
Continue my blog
Grow in my faith
Lead a healthier lifestyle
Study hard for SAT/ACT/AP Exams
Travel somewhere new
Serve others
Apply to colleges confidently
Love myself

With complete sincerity, I wish the best for you in 2015 and I want to challenge you to try something new and unexpected. Don't settle for mediocracy, but strive for excellence. Thank you for allowing me to share part of my story with you and I hope you have a blessed and fruitful new year.
Yours truly, Sara


  1. The aspirations at the bottom are INspirations to me. Thanks to you I'm striving to love myself as well in 2015. :)

    1. Wow I love to hear that! Thank you for your kind comment, Annie, and have a blessed new year! xoxo