Tuesday, January 13

"To Bean, or Not to Bean"

An intro for the beans: A classic New England boot has not only swept the East Coast, but has become a southern staple for young prepsters all around. The L.L. Bean duck boots have been around for many years and are now taking a comeback in this generation. They range in gender specificity, color, height, and thermal protection. These boots are made for tackling rough climates such as snow, rain, and ice! I've seen these boots all over Pinterest for maybe two years now and have yet to purchase them because of the $100+ price tag AND the extreme wait it takes to get them! With some Christmas cash on hand I found myself browsing on the L.L. Bean site and these boots are on back order until APRIL 20TH! *screams internally* So as I'm debating to myself whether to purchase a pair of beans, I figured I would take you along my thought process: "To bean, or not to bean--that is the question: whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer until April 20th and the slings and arrows of $109 (but free shipping) or to take arms against a waitlisted, overpriced boot and by opposing suffer frozen feet." Pretty sure those were Hamlet's exact words. 

As any rational person would, I have decided to make a pros and cons list to determine whether these boots are worth the expense of time and money!

Diverse in the sense that they can be worn with different types of outfits (sweatshirt & leggings, jeans & vest, oxford & skirt etc.)
Practical for cold/harsh weather
Rare in my hometown/original
L.L Bean
Neutral/can easily go with many different outfits

Take forever to come in the mail/won't be here til spring
Not the most fashionable shoes ever
Do I really need another pair of shoes?
How much wear will I get out of them?

After long hours of staring at my bank account and pondering my shopoholic virtues, I decided to order the 8" Women's L.L Bean Boots in Tan/Navy which you can purchase HERE! I am super excited to receive them in April, and the nice thing is that L.L. Bean doesn't charge you for them until your specific boots are in production. If you didn't know, each boot is made individually in Maine to provide the highest of quality to consumers. I am happy with my choice to make this investment in my footwear and I hope if you are in the mentality of "To Bean, or Not to Bean", this post helped you further your decision. Beans for all!
Yours truly, Sara

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